Earning A Higher Rate of Return


The rate of return that a person earns on their investments is one of the biggest factors in how quickly their wealth will grow. There are few people that have been able to build wealth over time that do not have a high rate of return on their investments. Many people are not comfortable planning their own investments out for the future. There are many hedge funds and investment banks that help people earn a higher rate of return on their investments. At the end of the day, anyone that is looking to earn a higher rate of return on their money should work with the professionals in the field. Ken Griffin of wallstreetjournal is one of the leading advisers in the investment bank community, and there are thousands of people that trust him with their money. He is the founder and CEO of Citadel, which is a huge hedge fund based in Chicago. Even though they have a large amount of success over the past couple of years, they still care about all of their clients in an intimate way. Here are a couple ways that anyone can increase their rate of return on their portfolio.


Perhaps the most simple way to increase the rate of return that a person earns on their portfolio is the diversify the investments. This is a concept that is taught in all investment classes for people that want to learn. There are several reasons that taking this approach will increase the rate of return in a portfolio. Over time, a person that is diversified will be able to handle the up and down periods of the market in a much more straight path. This should be something that every investor works on with their adviser.

Take Good Risks

There is no doubt that investing as a whole is a big risk. There are many people that do not like to think about investing and losing money. However, the best way to increase the rate of return in a portfolio is to take good risks. There are many different areas of the economy that are not strong right now. When an industry is down, this can be the best time to invest and earn a high rate of return. For example, in the depths of the housing crisis there were many people that purchased homes in the bottom of the market and earned a great return.

Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth Griffin is the founder and CEO of Citadel. He has been able to lead this hedge fund through many different tough times in the industry, and today the company is one of the leaders in the field. There are few people with the vision that Kenneth Griffin has, and anyone that is looking to own or run a business would do well to take on some of his qualities. Not only is he extremely passionate about what he does, but he also cares deeply about the customer and their welfare over the long term.

Have Fun With Lime Crime and Doe Deere

Many people find that the right makeup is essential. Makeup can make the difference between a look that is drab and one that is startling, interesting and even beautiful. Skillful use of makeup can help the young woman look more mature, allow the older woman the chance to make years off her face and provide someone with the opportunity to feel like an entirely different person. People find that it makes sense for them to look for makeup that is useful for their specific needs. Someone who is going on an interview for a job will have very different needs than someone who is going to perform in a play.

An effective makeup company can provide their customers with many such options. The right makeup company can also help the buyer find exactly the right kind of makeup for any occasion they have in mind. One such company is Lime Crime. Lime Crime ads on Youtube is a makeup company that was founded by Doe Deere. Ms. Deere has a background in many fields including the arts and finance. She founded Lime Crime in order to help her customers find the right makeup for their specific needs. Her work in this field has helped the company expand to meet the needs of customers who are looking for makeup that is special and new.

Deere understands that her customers want makeup that helps them express who they are inside. Her makeup line is geared towards the customer who is open minded to all kinds of new and fashion forward looks. Buyers will find many different makeup options on her site that allow them to pick out a look that is often quite different and eye-catching compared to choices from other makeup companies. Her work in this field allows customers to stay on top of current trends in the field of makeup and fashion. Fashion can change from one day to the next. A look in makeup that may be current now may change in a week. Ms. Deere can provide her customers with the chance to anticipate such looks and adopt them to their own needs.

Lime Crime also offers customers tutorials on the site. Such tutorials show the user how to apply the makeup they have chosen. The tutorials also demonstrate to the user what kind of clothing might work well with the makeup the site. A potential buyer can easily log on to the site, find makeup they like and then discover how to use the makeup with clothing they already have in their house to create an entirely new and utterly fashionable look that helps them feel relaxed and in touch with today’s important fashion trends. This allows the user to follow Ms. Deere’s lead and look as up to date as possible.

Strategies Employed In Investment Banking

You cannot speak of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) without speaking of James Dondero. Dondero, who lives in Dallas, Texas, Co-Founded Highland Capital Management (HCM) in 1993. The now President of Highland Capital has worked with the company since inception making for 22 years. Before Co-Founding HCM, he was the chief investment officer of GIC,a subsidiary of Protective Life for 5 years. During his tenure, he able to turn the subsidiary from a start up to a $2 billion business. While in American Express between 1985 and 1989, he was in charge of Fixed Income Funds which amounted to about $1 billion. Before venturing in Investment banking, he was a student who majored in Accounting and Finance while in University of Virginia. In the credit market, Dondero has 30 years of experience under his belt. He is also a Certified Management Accountant.

Highland Capital is well known for Collateralized Loan Obligation and providing solutions in matters related to credit. These solutions are offered to both institutional investors as well as retail investors globally. Their area of expertise is in providing credit strategies. These strategies would range from distressed and special situations private equity, credit hedge funds, CLO’s and long-only funds and separate accounts.

Some of these strategies are better explained below.

HCMinvests in both equity and debt to aid middle market companies that are struggling. Companies involved in complex carve-outs are also an area that they would invest in. They go ahead to employ a turnaround strategy with some help from Portfolio companies. Companies that would qualify for an investment need to have their headquarters in U.S. and have revenue streams of between $50-500 million. By making an investment, they would have to have control of the company.

Since inception HCM has invested in high yield credit. Bank loans are considered as high yield credit and they would account for about $13 billion in assets for HCM. Their investment philosophy combines a few elements: Bottom-up fundamental analysis, Top-down technical analysis and Alpha-by-avoidance.

To handle CLO’s, James Dondero, Josh Terry and Mark Okada formed ACIS which focuses solely in CLO management and investment. When it comes to CLO management, they ensure they invest in liquid, large and broadly syndicated loans. Instead of a bottom-up analysis, they use a disciplined approach to minimize risk.

When it comes to CLO investing, the aim is to accomplish lucrative returns while watching out for volatility. An appraisal of the CLO tranches takes into consideration of both quantitative and qualitative factors.

These are but a few of some of the strategies that have seen HCM rise to levels of managing $20 billion in total assets.

Bruce Levenson Shaping Future Leaders Through Education

Former Atlanta Hawks managing partner Bruce Levenson on time.com has sold the prolific NBA team after a decade-long term as governor. He’s undertaken a handful of business opportunities in his eventful career. Levenson is an adventure traveler, golfer, basketball player, and skier. He attended AUSL (American-University-School-of-Law) and the St. Louis-based Washington University where he attained respective graduate-level BA degrees. While nursing a university education, Bruce worked as a journalist for the popular newspaper Washington Star. Later, he partnered with longtime business colleague Ed Peskowitz and co-founded the multifaceted business information company UCG (United-Communications-Group) in 1977. UCG manages a dynamic portfolio of top-level subsidiaries and has become a highly recognized group. Bruce has fathered 3 sons with his loving wife Karen. The family resides in their Potomac, Maryland, and Atlanta homes together.

It’s been 27 years since Levenson and business partner Peskowitz became an alliance in the interest of establishing UCG. Levenson’s company UCG specializes in a variety of premium business information products ranging from telecommunications, mortgage banking to healthcare solutions. The company’s unrivaled success is an admirable achievement which has earned it several accolades. Levenson worked as a board director for NEPA (Newsletter-and-Electronic-Publishers-Association) and served as an oversight to numerous projects. He also held a key position during his tenure at TechTarget.com as the company’s director. Bruce became a key shareholder at TechTarget and remained an active board member until 2012.

With wife Karen, Levenson has established the CPNL (Center-for-Philanthropy-and-Nonprofit-Leadership), a component of UMD (University-of-Maryland). Bruce is a former CF (Community Foundation) and Hoop Dreams board member. He also a former president of the Washington “I-Have-a-Dream-Foundation) chapter. Recently he partnered with another prolific investor and co-founded DOT, a cooking technology company. Mr. Levenson, born into a Jewish family holds high respect for the community and has made significant contributions to the charitable organizations. He’s made donations to organizations like Birthright Israel, the JAYM (Jewish-American-Youth-Movement), the JYPI (Jewish-Youth-Philanthropy-Institute), BBYO and the Jewish Federation.

The couple has been actively involved in supporting and funding various education initiatives to shape a successful future for disadvantaged youths. Besides the above-mentioned projects, they’ve contributed time and donations to other programs like PeacePlayers. They conceived and sponsored numerous activities through the CPNL. It’s designed to empower and educate tomorrow’s generation about strategic business practices to become better leaders especially if they’re considering to own nonprofits. Levenson firmly believes that the business world stands to benefit largely from this endeavor.

With many of today’s business heads lacking exemplary leadership qualities, it’s a struggle for industries to maximize profit and keep a competitive edge. The Center extends a rich philanthropic experience for university graduates wanting to pursue similar opportunities. It focuses on gift-giving and several other programs which attract a vast student population each year. Levenson sponsors initiatives like the Do-Good-Challenge, a highly acclaimed project that includes numerous gift-giving activities.

What Are The Best Dating Apps Available?

Dating websites have become the place to meet your one true love. After years of browsing the web, I have noticed that the trend is only getting bigger and bigger with more sites popping up. A brand new trend like Skout app that has developed is the use of apps. Countless apps are being made available to help more and more people get the chance to date online. Dating is easier with these apps because of the opportunity to date on-the-go. Try these apps out to get on the dating scene.


Tinder is most famous for its easy design. The best part is that it allows you to find people near you and connect with them much easier. The first part of the process is simply getting pictures of people near you, and if you like them, you can swipe right. If you don’t like the person, you just swipe left. When you get a match, the app will connect you to the people who thought of you as attractive. Tinder is exceptional because of the many people you’ll see on the app. Using the app is a great way to get to meet a wide range of people.


Hinge actually utilizes the same exact swiping action as Tinder’s platform. The only difference is that they target only friends of friends based off of a Facebook account. This makes sure you only meet people who are within your social circle, or at least connect you to people who know people you know. Since the app only lets you swipe over a maximum of 20 matches per day, it allows for you to make wiser choices and to think deeper before rejecting a person.


This app is perfect for going on actual dates. Users simply post a date idea they’d like to go on, and prospective candidates can that idea, ask to attend, and if the original poster accepts, the two will go on a date. This allows people to meet others who are already willing to do something that you may want to do.

The Renaissance of Newark NJ

An article in NJ Biz discussed the surge in multiple construction developments within the City of Newark, the largest city in New Jersey. The city government is working with various developments in building numerous commercial and residential space within the city. Many developers along with city government, thinks it is extremely important to have multiple buildings going up simultaneously, in order for the renaissance to occur. This simultaneous build up will attract future residents and more businesses to the area. Wasseem Boraie of Boraie Development LLC, states that its encouraging that the city has five to ten Class A projects in the pipeline.

Wasseem Boraie of Boraie Development LLC continued by suggesting that potential residential customers are not going to come to Newark just based one big project. There must be multiple buildings under construction to attract those consumers. The Boraie Development is currently building a 168-unit residential site on Rector Street in Newark, which is close to one of the city’s gems, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC).

In addition to that 168-unit high rise, other projects are currently being built in the city. There is an area being called the Springfield Avenue Marketplace that will include a market rent residential site and a shopping center with ShopRite being at the center of it. The Marketplace is looking to become a very successful area because seventy percent of the leases for commercial space has already been filled. Many companies and residential consumers are shying away from New York City due to its high prices and gravitating towards Newark, NJ as the new place to be.

How to Invest in Brazil and Keep Your Portfolio from Falling Apart

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America. This means that there is a lot of money that is floating through this country, and a country that has lots of money flowing through will have opportunities for investing. There are a plethora of resources for people that plan to invest in Brazil so the process is fairly easy.

It starts with recognizing what is bringing this country money. There are some imports and exports to consider, and there is also money in oil in Brazil. People that take time to figure out what Brazil has to offer will see that there are a bountiful number of opportunities. Investor and former financial planner Igor Cornelsen says that one should prepare for the red tape when they want to invest in Brazil. It isn’t always so cut and dry when it comes to the investment opportunities. It is wise to prepare for a hold certain opportunities that may turn out to be great investments. There just may be some issues that have to be resolved before money can be placed into certain things.

According to Forbes magazine, Brazilians are spending billions of dollars each year online. This is in addition to all the tourism that comes to the country. The amounts of opportunities are bountiful, but someone has to be knowledgeable about what is worth the time that is spent on investing. For some investors with money in Brazil economy it is going to be relevant to see what the entrepreneurs are doing in this country. These are going to be investments that can only be acquired – in most cases – through travel to Brazil. That may be something that certain people want to choose. Others may choose to avoid this area of Brazilian investing and consider something else like a Brazilian index fund.

Another thing to consider for Brazilian investing is an asset management firm. This can save investors a ton of legwork because it is the job of the firm to find investment solutions. The thing that makes the asset management firm work better is that these professionals can help foreigners sort out the number of options that are available according to the level of risk. Some people are not interested in taking huge risks so the asset management firm can help investors keep things in perspective according to how they plan to invest outside of the United States.

Choosing Yourself as a Wikipedia Subject Can Be More Difficult Than You Imagine

Wikipedia entries are often heavily edited by people on a regular basis, which can include changes being made by those who source unflattering information about the subject and feel it may be in the public interest for it to be known. One thing that often shocks those who choose themselves as a Wikipedia subject is the fact that they may find themselves quickly losing control of the page they have created as dedicated editors seek out new information and check the information provided. Before making the decision to make a Wikipedia business page, consider the GetYourWiki team for your needs because it may not be a good idea on yourself.

Dedicated Wikipedia editors often feel they themselves should not edit subjects they are interested in or enjoy over the first few attempts at creating and updating Wikipedia entries. This is largely because the majority of people who have an interest in a specific area or subject will have an opinion or attitude fully formed, which does not provide the best basis for making neutral edits or contributions to a Wikipedia entry. A large number of those who edit Wikipedia entries feel creating a subject page about oneself is not a good idea because the flattering early entries the individual places on the page will be added to in varied ways.

Before choosing to create a Wikipedia page about oneself it is always good to stop for a period of time and decide if this really is a good idea. Inviting others into the world an individual has created could raise unwanted attention on the subject of the page who should consider if their past will throw up any unflattering information that could affect their reputation or present life.

Wi-Fi Data Plans Now Meets the Demands of Cell Phone Users

With the growing need of mobile Wi-Fi data plans for many of those Smartphone users, service providers now have new and better data plans that cost less than $10 per month. Plus, each subscriber can enjoy the benefits of unlimited talk time, texting and mobile data usage. Yes, it is true. Such plans do exist, and the catch is it’s Wi-Fi only. Companies that offered only cellular voice and data plans a decade ago now offer such unlimited Wi-Fi data plans to cater to the needs of their subscribers. After launching such low cost services, such companies now see a rapid increase in the number of their customers in a short interval of time.

Even though low-cost domestic and international calling options exist for years, users always wanted new ways to find options for unlimited data package. With services such as Skype calling, Viber and Google Hangouts, many users can call, chat and connect with their friends and families easily. Even social media platforms offer such options of calling and texting to their users. However, users still want Internet service and data plans that offer them flexibility to use all online features with their cell phone. Although there are many real phone deals that offer fixed data usage plans, cell phone users always looked for a mobile data plan with better signal and unlimited talk time. And with Wi-Fi calling options, many users now have applications downloaded on their cell phone.

Wi-Fi mobile networks do make the task of mobile online browsing easy. All you need to do is connect with an available Wi-Fi and enjoy browsing. With such options available, customers can now reconsider services and plans they subscribe to. If Wi-Fi calling and data plan is what you want, then ask your service provider about the options available.

FreedomPop, a popular cellular voice and data plan provider, now offers amazing deals on Wi-Fi data plans as well. Such plans offer unlimited talk time, texting, and data usage options. The company recently launched a low cost Wi-Fi service plan that costs $5 per month. The service surely attracts many users who are looking for cheap plans with unlimited data usage and talk options. Compared to other cell phone service provider, FreedomPop has some of the cheapest plan available.

The company now is all set to launch its Android app and their plan to launch an iOS app is in progress. With such application in place, users don’t have to select a Wi-Fi service to connect. This app will automatically connect the device to the Internet source available. This auto-connect feature is a part of the unlimited data usage plan that FreedomPop has recently launched.

The fundamental of this Wi-Fi hotshot plan from FreedomPop is to make it easy for the users to connect to various Wi-Fi sources easily and seamlessly. The company, though, has still not made it clear about the providers it has partnered with to offer auto-connect feature on mobile devices. In the TechCrunch article, “As Acquisition Rumors Swirl, Free Mobile Service FreedomPop Goes Live In The UK“, FreedomPop has confirmed that their service package will deliver value regardless of the carrier they partner with for providing Wi-Fi connection.

Kim Kardashian Does An Interview And Reveals A Lot About Herself

Kim Kardashian is known for a lot of things, and she might even be known as a feminist, but she doesn’t believe that she is one. The Kim Kardashian Interview. There are many reasons why Kim doesn’t feel she’s a feminist, but she does feel like she is a strong and powerful woman. There’s no doubt that Kim is powerful because she runs an Empire, and it’s only growing every day. Kim is actually worth more money than her husband Kanye West, even though many have called Kim talentless. If having no talent pays the kind of money that Kim has, no doubt, many people wish they had no talent.

Kim did a recent interview and she revealed some things about herself. Kim doesn’t have as much self-confidence as you would think, especially from what Tosto has seen. You would think someone as beautiful as Kim Kardashian would have all the confidence in the world, but it’s obviously not as much as one would think. She even mentions that her bra size was growing faster than her sisters at a young age, and it made her lacks self-confidence, which is ironic.

Kim also lets it be known that she doesn’t regret posing naked for the Paper Magazine cover, although many people have criticized her for it. Kim says she would do the cover again in a heartbeat. Kim also mentions how she teaches her daughter about racism, although it probably would be too hard for two-year-old to grasp the concept at this time.