Park Yeon-mi Activism and Wonderful Reception

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector as well as a renowned female human rights crusader, who was born 4th October 1993. Park escaped to China together with her family in the 2007 and later in 2009; they were offered an asylum by South Korea. Park has been candid about tourism in her country of birth. She claims that they are coerced to bow in front of statues of fallen North Korean supreme leader, Kim Il Sung. She sees this as a practice as helping the regime’s propaganda to the citizens through accepting to be portrayed like they also love and revere the leader.
Park narrated the story of her shocking escape at several global events like at the TEDx in Bath, One Young World conference in Dublin and the Oslo Freedom Forum. The youthful activist was a co-host of the Casey Lartigue. Casey Lartigue is a talk show of North Korea Today, a podcast show. The podcast show discusses diverse North Korean topics as well the plight of the refugees. She volunteered to inform the world about the oppression of the North Korean refugees and how well wisher can take action for their need of to save them. Some aspects of the Park’s adventure very shocking even to her fellow defectors from the troubled Asian country.
The globally renowned female activist believes that there are negative and positive that will come with the unification of her country with South Korea. Park believes that there exist no southerners or northerners in Korea. She asserts that just Koreans exist in the region since they share a common ancestry. She believes that change can still happen in North Korea even without the reunification of the two antagonistic nations. The human right activist says that this can only be possible as long as the other defectors continue to heighten their campaigns for human rights in their mother country, North Korea. Park believes that regimes are capable of adjusting. She cites the Chinese Communists as well as the Vietnamese Communists as perfect examples of regimes that have changed. That would let the North Korean regime hang on for some more years. Therefore, the Kim’s will have an opportunity to focus on their subjects. Ultimately, they would adopt to become fairly open to the democratic world. She believes that as long as the Jangmadang will remain operational, more North Koreans will be able to open themselves to the free world, and ultimately question their way of life and change appropriately.
The famous activist considers Kim Jong-Un as a cruel leader of North Korea for his continuing of oppression of his contrymen. Park likens the North Korean leader to an episode from a famous TV station. The show rebukes him as “a heartless criminal for executing 80 people in a day for reading the Bible or watching a movie. He ordered that anyone who attempted to escape be shot. Park suggests that Kim Jong-Un be punished not just for oppressing his fellow citizens but also for killing them.

Online Reputation Management and Darius Fisher

Social media and reviews are what determine your online reputation.Reputation management involves you managing your reputation so that your customers will like you. If your shoppers are happy, they’re going to say good things about you, which will result in you getting more shoppers.Our brand starts with ourselves.Your name is what people say concerning you.
Online reputation management involves your social profile, website,and participation in social media.The purpose of online reputation management is to use the web to your advantage.
Actions to do while managing your reputation online is listen.Concentrate on what your audience wants.Be a strategist. Find out what steps your business can take that will have the largest impact. Measure what is successful for your business and what is not. Build your social profile and be as accurate as possible.Your about page on your website should have a concise biography.Your pictures online should look very professional.Keep your customers happy by regularly updating your website.
Darius Fisher is the President of Status Labs and he knows much about online reputation management.His advice to others when it comes to managing their online presence is that they should always be ready.Hackers are abundant online so you should be careful about your personal information.Showcase your accomplishments by having a very professional profile.Darius notices that a lot of well-known executives make the mistake of not monitoring their online presence regularly.If you want to change Google search results concerning you,always create and promote new content that conveys you and your brand in a positive light.What are examples of content? Your website, social media profile, guest articles, video content, press releases, and many others.Darius sees his job as being able to give clients a second chance. Everyone wants to be perceived in a positive light.What you see is not always the true story.Even though it is his job to try to help others with their online presence, Darius admits that he has moral standards. Clients that have committed many wrongs and still want to be seen as heroes are turned down.Status Labs is a very popular online reputation management firm. Darius Fisher is a very successful digital crisis expert.

My Wife And I Found Each Other On Skout

I decided to get into online dating, and my first choice was joining Skout on zendesk. Skout is where I was able to find my wife, and many people don’t believe me when I say that. I was going through different dating sites trying to find someone who would be a great companion, but none of the websites were good enough. I took the time to go to Skout, because I heard it was a lot of fun for socializing, and it was the best decision I ever made. Going to Skout opened up my eyes to the dating world online, and I never turned back.

I had joined Skout a couple years ago, and at the time I was mostly using my computer to go on the network. I found a lady who said that she lived in Atlanta, and I couldn’t believe my good luck. The lady was absolutely beautiful, and we had a lot of things in common. After we had talked the first day I was able to find her again the next day, and we kept talking. We would talk every day, and after a month we decided it was time for us to meet. We both lived in Atlanta, and we finally revealed where we each lived.

I told her that I lived on Peachtree Road, and she told me that she lived off of Memorial Drive. We lived close to each other, and we could meet at a place in between where we both lived, and we went out to see a great movie. I wasn’t paying much attention to the movie because I couldn’t stop looking at her, even though I didn’t want it to be so obvious. After we had left the movie theater we went out to dinner, and dinner led to drinking coffee, and after drinking coffee we finally went home. I got a kiss on the cheek for the dinner, and it was really sweet.

We both went onto Skout the same night and went right back to talking to each other. I couldn’t stay off of Skout. We are a bit older, and we weren’t too familiar with using the Skout application. I told her to take her smartphone and download the application, even if she had to have someone help her. After she had downloaded the Skout application, then I did the same, and we both would converse a lot more on the Skout network. Every time I had a bad day I would write her on Skout.

We were talking so much through the Skout network, and we went out so much that we finally decided to move in together. We lived together for six months before we decided to get married. When I look back on when I joined Skout, I know that it was the best decision, and I would definitely recommend others to join the Skout network. I found the love of my life going on the Skout network, and it would be nice for others to have a great love story like mine.

Female Plastic Surgeon : Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon that is board certified.
Dr. Walden was born in Austin and she was also raised there. She grew up in Texas and after graduation, she went to a college in Texas and graduated with honors.In college she received a Bachelors in Arts and Biology.However, her education didn’t stop there. While she was in school she did an externship at an prestigious plastic surgery place. The Plastic Surgeons in Miami welcomed her with open arms. Famous and well known surgeons of facelift surgery, including Dr. Baker and Stuzin, labored there. Jennifer went on to become a trained plastic surgeon and she received a medical doctorate at a school in Texas medical branch.Jennifer is an awfully smart lady, because she graduated as the salutatorian. She was elected the president of her Texas College Honor Medical Society. For decades, Dr. Walden has gained many awards.
Dr. Walden moved her surgical practice from NY city to Texas, so her two sons could be near their family. She is an active member for many societies that involve plastic surgery. Presently, she is serving on the Board of administrators for a society that involves itself with plastic surgery. For a reputable organization, she is the Vice Commissioner. She is also a media spokesperson for plastic surgery. Recently in 2014, she was recognized as one of the “Texas Super Doctors” in a popular Texas magazine.Not only is Dr. Walden a very popular healthcare professional, she is also a business woman. She owns her own business and operates in her accredited place of office suite at Westlake clinical center.
You will discover Dr. Walden often within the media. She is continually requested for medical advice in relation to subject matters like delicate tissue injectables, celebrity plastic surgical procedure, breast implants, teenage plastic surgery, technological advances in surgery, lasers, and basic medical recommendation.She enjoys being able to make a contribution to well being and beauty information.

Helpful tips about makeup

You do not need to be a professional to get the best makeup for your face. With just a few tricks, you can learn what shapes, colors that flatter you, how to apply and how much to apply at what time. You do not have to spend hours doing it. You only need to understand what products are perfect for you. Keep off from the others you do not require.

About Doe Deere
Much like many other internet celebretards, Doe Deere started as a Weeaboo termed as Thunderwear. In 2004, she modified her brand’s name to Lime Crime where she sold loli dresses via eBay. At this time her obsession in fashion designing begun.

How to get long hair
Pixie cuts and shoulder length hair perfectly frame a face but with regards to time of growth, the wait would be a long one. However, if you stick to the tips and tricks, the waiting would be short.

  • Adjust your diet

Incorporating proteins and nutrients in your diet can help improve the condition of your hair. A balanced diet helps to keep the follicles strong and minimize instances of hair breakdown.

  • Be concerned about styling

It is a fact well acknowledged that heat is damaging to hair especially when it is compromised. Therefore, limiting the use of curling wand or flat iron to two or three times in a week will work best.

  • Apply conditioning and vitamin ingredients

Fish oil, phytantriol and arginine help in hormone production and activation of enzymes that stimulate hair growth. The treat or condition routine is intended to push regenerating anti-aging ingredients, for instance, hyaluronic acid deeper into the hair follicle, which helps to prolong hairs growing phase.

How to make eyes pop
Maybe you have had a hard time using soft eyeliner pencils: you should then watch this youtube video and try to draw a thick line on your hand. Then use a stiff eye brush to pick up the pigment and apply on the eyes. If you need eye drops and do not wish to interfere with your makeup, then breathe in air through your nose as you apply the eye drops. The tear ducts will suck the drops before they fall on your cheeks.

Hair color
You should not pick a box of dye without going through the comprehensive guide. While washing your hair, rinse first before you apply a detergent.

Take it easy
Body makeup and other stuff can stress you. Stress will affect your hair and general health. It is, therefore, good to have deep-tissue massages to relax your mind and body.

You should consult a professional when you want the best out of your makeup. Strictly follow the advice he or she gives. Always keep your ambitions within an attainable range: choose makeup products and procedures you can afford and do not compromise your well-being.

Is True Love Possible In The Digital Age?

Online dating is no longer considered a dating trend or a marginal practice, online dating is now the norm. It seems that there are now online dating sites for everyone. For those interested in the agricultural lifestyle, there is Farm Date; for those of the Christian faith, there is Christian Mingle; for those of the Jewish faith, there is J Date. Popular apps such has Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel allow users to brush elbows with nearby singles for the prospect of a date. The landscape of online dating is growing more varied by the day. With so many dating sites out there catering towards the short-term, one might wonder true love is possible in the digital age?

With the right site or app, some would argue, love is possible in the modern age. Online daters will find that there are certain apps geared towards short-term dating success, but there are also a few apps and sites that engage a larger picture and a more holistic approach towards dating.

When one is looking for love online, one is able to gain access to a unique landscape, the likes of which has never before been experienced in any age. Those looking for love on one of today’s dating sites, may know more about a possible long-term partner on the first date than anyone would in times past, thereby getting a lot of the awkward first date questions out of the way. Some sites use questionnaires and tests to gauge users compatibility with one another. The tests being used provide users with a quick way to gauge other users compatibility with themselves. Based on the results of the tests, users are able to decide whether or not to pursue a partnership with one another.

Sites, such as Anastasia Date, verify all users and confirm the identities of all participants. Measures, such as these, have become an important security feature in some of today’s better dating sites. Secure sites, such as Anastasia Date, provide protection to their users by utilizing the top safety and security systems available in the industry.

Users in the digital age are connected by online dating apps and sites. The digital world has extended the possibilities of the dating world. No longer are people bound by Country, physical borders or nationalities when looking for love. In the new digital age, the search for love can easily cross borders, reaching across vast distances for that perfect partner. Sites such as Anastasia Date are known to bring singles together from great distances, connecting them to their ideal partners.

As online dating continues to grow, it remains to be seen how it will push the realm of dating in new and unexpected ways. For now it appears that the sky is the limit and love is possible in the digital age.

Susan McGalla Shows Woman Can Be Exceptional Leaders in the Marketplace

In our media we constantly hear about equal rights. In no time has the subject been more prevalent than in today’s culture. But have equal rights actually become a reality in the United States? Or is it a loose interpretation subject to usage based on individual preferences?

In the business world there are many places where women are still not afforded the same opportunities as a man. According to research, women still make $.75 to every one dollar a man makes working in the business sector. Even though women in most instances hold the same job experience and personnel training as their male counterparts, the wide gap in compensation remains.

In some cases females have decided upon a different tact. Instead of fighting the company or institution that they’re in, or capitulating to the whims of the corporate body, many have decided to start their own businesses and create their own rules. Rather than accept what is the secret status quo, many females have taken it upon themselves to make their own way through the business world.

Though there aren’t many women taking this path, the results of opportunities in male dominated entities are staggering. According to research, 85% of businesses with an executive board do not have a female employed in their ranks. An even more telling statistic shows that only 3% of businesses in America are run by women. If more business entities knew that more businesses with a women in the ranks succeed than businesses that don’t, these numbers would probably be vastly different.

Although there are still many corporations and individuals in business that not consider the leadership of a woman, there are many businesses that have, and have placed exceptional females in their corporate ranks.

Executive officials such as Susan McGalla have shown her worth throughout the years working for some of the largest corporations in the world in both executive board and CEO capacities. She began her career as a marketing manager for Joseph Horn Company. Later, she took a position as the chief executive officer of American Eagle Clothiers. Years later, ripe from her successes, she assumed the position of CEO at Wet Seal, one of the most prolific casual clothing companies in the world. She now works as the Director of Strategic Planning for the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers.

With a long history of successful business management both as a board executive and as a CEO, McGalla shows that there are places where women can not only function in a hectic business, but also lead it and manage it to new heights of growth.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, there are no room for errors, and no time for mistakes based on assumptions. Female leaders like Susan McGalla have constantly shown that a woman is just as capable in the business landscape as their male counterparts.

Beneful: Pet Care Through Quality Products

Pet care has grown on to become a major issue more so in the past few years. The law has been revised to include steps that to ensure proper care of animals and companies on have been forced to produce quality products. It is not uncommon today to hear of action being taken against an individual or an organization because they violated these rights. One company that has become synonymous with quality pet food is Beneful.

Beneful was brought to market in 2001 under Nestle Purina Petcare brand and produces dog food. Beneful which means filled with goodness offers dry and wet dog food and dog treats. During the time of its inception, the product was different from other dog food products as it resembled snippets of beef.

Today, Beneful offers a variety of flavors including pork and chicken, accents (rice & green beans) and textures(Chopped Blends) which come in over 20 wholesome varieties.
Five years later the company had grown to generate nearly $400m in income and would go on to gain a spot in the top five dog food brands in the world. The company’s products are consumed by about 20 million dogs each year.

The company has grown and today it generates more than $1B in revenue. The company has been innovative in a number of ways from the contents of its dog food to advertising and the packaging of its products. One of its products came in reusable material and was also a food bowl.

Beneful has been known to market its products through innovative advertisements over the years. In Europe the company put up posters that smelled of dog food to attract dogs and it played an advertisement on t.v that featured high pitched sounds that only animals could hear.

In the U.S, the company put up responsive billboards in subways that allowed one to play fetch virtually. These innovative billboards have gone on to be placed in a number of cities including Chicago and Atlanta.

A few years ago, the company proved its marketing superiority by putting up a successful Rube Goldberg contraption that featured dogs. The Publicis group agency has handled most of the company’s creative work and responsible for the sublime advertising.

In line with its goodwill and CSR policy, the company hosts a competition where people submit designs for dog parks and for half a million dollars, the winning design is brought to life. The competition has been largely successful and a number of parks have been constructed in different states across the country.

Its parent company, Purina has strict safety controls and regulations set for the products that it offers. This has ensured that the company provides safe and nutritious products all through. Beneful products are available on a couple of online stores including and

The company’s website offers useful information not only about the products it recommends but also how to take care of your pet. It features interviews with renowned researchers and veterinarians on the best practices when one owns a pet.

Beggin’ for Purina PetCare

Your dog works hard at their day job. From watching the house while you’re at work to signing for UPS packages, they have their own 9-5. The day doesn’t stop there though; welcoming you home, staying alert by night, their day never really ends. It isn’t easy being on call 24/7 but Purina Petcare’s options found on the Purina Newscenter let you reward their hard work with their favorite dinner and treats.

As dogs make it abundantly clear with their differing personalities, no two are the same. To accommodate this, Purina has set up a customizable dog food finder so you can find the best fit for your dog’s diet and needs. Selections can be narrowed down by wet or dry food, pet age, size, and price. Pet nutrition can depend on your dog’s age, how active they are, and of course their personal preference of wet vs. dry food. Special dietary needs are also covered with grain-free, weight management, or sensitive system options available.

Since depriving your dog of regular treats is out of the question, Purina carries treats and snacks that will feel like a cheat day for your dog but will be guilt-free on your end. Purina’s Waggin’ Train treats are high quality and 100% real chicken treats. Food sources are important not just in people food but in dog food too and Purina’s interest in quality and food safety is evident in their treat information. Chickens raised with pride and 100% real chicken are qualities noted in their product information. Since dogs can’t read, they will only care about the treat flavors: Chicken Jerky tenders, Real Jerky Duos, and Real Smoky Jerky.

Purina’s well-known and loved treat lays in the Beggin’ bacon strips. Bacon may be trending now, but Purina has long invested in dog’s love of bacon and these strips are a treat classic. Far from your standard treat fair, Beggin’ now comes in a huge variety of flavors. To name just a few there are Bacon & Cheese, Thick Cut Maple, Applewood Smoked, and Bacon & Peanut Butter for the more discerning palate.

Recently capitalizing on Beggin’s universal appeal, Purina created a rap music video style TV commercial featuring Boss the Corgi. The commercial debuted during the Grammy Music Awards to much Twitter chatter. With #IGETBEGGIN trending, Purina soared to the treat forefront and pawfront, reminding customers why Beggin’ is a treat giant.

Crystal Hunt’s Career Is Off to a Great Start

Actress Crystal Hunt has been making a name for herself since she gained the role of Lizzie Spaulding on “Guiding Light.” She was only 17 years old at the time, though she already had some experience in the realm of performing. She starred in a commercial with the members of the popular band ‘NSync, and when she was just six years old, she had a small part in the family comedy “Problem Child 2.” She also competed in a number of beauty pageants for children and teenagers.

Hunt gained accolades for her role on “Guiding Light,” receiving a nomination for a Daytime Emmy Award and the allegiance of many fans. Her time on the soap opera spanned three seasons and 23 episodes. She also spent four years as Stacy Marasco on the soap opera “One Life to Live,” starting in 2009. While her most famous movie is “Sydney White,” a dynamic reworking of the classic Snow White story, she also has filmed several other movies, including the family film “The Derby Stallion” and the musical comedy “Magic Mike XXL.”

Hunt’s other credits from her Twitter include appearing as herself on the 2015 series “Queens of Drama” and co-producing the horror movie “Talbot County” with her best friend Dania Ramirez. Hunt is devoted to her faith and her family and enjoys keeping up with her fans over social media. She loves many kinds of music, especially country, and her taste in television veers toward classic comedy. In her leisure time, she often enjoys such athletic pursuits as deep sea fishing and shooting.