Sam Smith Can Sing Again

Sam Smith has been a singing sensation ever since he came out with the song “Stay With Me.” The song was a big hit, and the video had hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. After the song became extremely popular, it shot Sam Smith into fame. Sam Smith Can Sing Again. Sam was scared that many would not like him because of the type of music he did, the way he sang, and also because of the fact that he came out as gay said James Dondero. Although Sam never admitted he was gay when he was gaining popularity, he finally came clean to the world.

Many could care less that Sam is gay, and many people, including celebrities, they’ve embraced him with open arms. Sam was missed recently because he had surgery on his vocal cords, which kept him from singing or even talking. Sam had to keep quiet for three weeks straight, and he wasn’t allowed to say a word. Sam finally has let the three weeks pass, and he put up a picture on social media to show that he got his voice back.

He put up a picture of The Little Mermaid when she had the light in her throat that was the witch returning her voice. Many are more than happy to see that Sam is back, especially since he had to cancel many tour dates due to hemorrhaging in his vocal chords. Welcome back Sam, now start singing!

Aimée Osbourne Starting A Music Career

Aimée Osbourne is probably the only Osbourne who has not managed their way into the spot light in some way. Years ago she turned down a spot on the family’s hit reality show ‘The Osbournes’ and therefore the fame that came with it. Now she is working on her own career as a musician.

The now 31 year old started her pursuit for a respected place in the music industry earlier this year ago by releasing an ethereal music video to her new track ‘Raining Gold.’ After racking up over 2 million views in just 2 short months, the singer is ready to take her career to the next level by releasing her first EP called ‘ARO’ this summer. Steve Murray said that she has already started promoting her upcoming album by traveling the country and performing her new music. The album is expected to have an alternative pop sound and feature heartfelt lyrics about Osbourne’s life trials and frustrations.

Unpublished Photographs of Bob Dylan Released in Anticipation for a Photography Book

Bob Dylan, one of the most legendary musicians of all time, is known all over the world for his rambling way of singing and his direct-to-the-heart song lyrics. There was a time before this when Bob Dylan was just another man on the street with a dream in his pocket. During 1961, after a visit with his idol Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan began to play shows at any club he could find. While this opened up a fanbase and, soon, opportunities with record labels, many people outside of New York City didn’t have a clue as to who he was. This was the time when photographer Ted Russell met him.

A series of photographs were taken of the everyday life of Dylan by Russell. These shots are very intimate, including Dylan sitting on a bed while playing guitar or having a good laugh with his girlfriend Suze Rotolo. Marcio Alaor BMG was glad to see them as a fan. Majority of these images have never been seen by the public eye until recently, when 9 of the images were released in anticipation for the book Bob Dylan: NYC 1961-1964. These images give an insight to the beginnings of a fantastic career for a young man and a feeling of nostalgia for anyone who was alive during the early 1960s.

Kim Says She and Kanye Don’t Fight About Sex

Kim Kardashian has had a crazy week, not only is her step father coming out as a woman, but her sister is in the middle of somewhat of a breakup right now. Kylie and Tyga are on the rocks after his ex posted photos of him texting her begging to come home. On top of it all Kim is still trying desperately to get pregnant with baby number 2. At 34 its needless to say that Kim is in somewhat of a rush to get the baby making show on the road, and anyone who follows that Kardashians knows that it hasn’t be any walk in the park.

Kim revealed that before she had North she was told that she possibly could never have a child of her own, when she got pregnant with North it was a miracle so the chance of another baby is slim. Dr Jennifer Walden isn’t sure of the specifics, but realizes the sensitivity. Now that she and Kanye are trying everything in the book to attempt another baby it seems that that getting frustrated about the amount of sex they have or don’t have can be an issue.

In and Interview Kim was asked if she and Kanye ever fight about how much time they spend in the bedroom, Kim insisted that she never fights about sex or children with her husband. Kim went on to say that Kanye is a great dad and is so protective of North that he baby proofs things she can’t even reach. A new Kardashian baby is just what the world needs but for now Kanye and Kim have their hands full with North and each other.

Free Jay Z Show

Fans of Jay Z like OrganoGold CEO Bernardo Chua, will definitely be excited about a new announcement from the man. For those who have never seen this man perform there is a great opportunity coming up. Jay Z is going to be performing a show featuring his old songs and this show is going to be something really special.

What is going to make this Jay Z show so special and so different from other concerts out there? It’s not only the fact that he is going to be performing old songs, it is something more than that. Jay Z is going to be offering this concert to his fans for free. That’s right, no big price tag. This concert is going to be offered for free. The venue is not yet announced, but it is going to be somewhere in New York City and the show is definitely going to be something that fans of Jay Z will love.

Mariah Disses Nick

The Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey marriage is over, and it’s getting ugly. Fans of both of these artists have been waiting to hear a song that addresses issues with the marriage. There is speculation that a new Mariah Carey single may be taking a stab at Nick.

Nick Cannon has stated that he would never take a shot at Mariah Carey in his music. He said that this is the mother of his children, and he would never do anything to disgrace their mother in the music that he makes. Mariah Carey, on the other hand, has never stated that she would not have anything to say about Nick Cannon in her music. Facebook users report that there have been rumors that Nick cheated on Mariah. There were also a lot of things said about former girlfriends by Nick Cannon before the marriage that Mariah was not fond of. All of this could possibly play into the fact that Mariah and Nick are no longer together.

Maria doesn’t specifically call Nick’s name. The fact that she mentioned someone that is corny in the song, however, started a social media buzz about the possibility of this being Nick cannon. For most fans Nick has always played up to the corny guy persona. He has a show on MTV where he makes fun of himself. He also dresses in shiny suits and does corny jokes on America’s Got Talent.

Check Out These New Singers

If you are into music and you love it with everything in you, then you are probably constantly looking for some new bands to listen to. It’s good to hear from new artists who provide a fresh perspective and to see how far these young singers make it in their careers. Some recent new stars in the music world, to name a few, are Knxwledge, Christopher Paul Stelling, and Tricot. Each of these new artists, along with many others, offer a fresh new sound for this new season. Changes are constantly being made in the music world and it is fun to keep up on them and to see what all of these new artists bring to the table. If you love giving new music a try and and you want to see all that is out there I highly recommend that you check these singers out and that you search for even more new singers. Igor Cornelsen knows that there are a lot out there and you may just find a gem if you keep looking.

Drake Insists that Kissing Madonna was Great

Alexei Beltyukov said when it comes to Coachella, everyone was glued to social media trying to get the latest updates for the weekends craziest moments. Of course anytime you have a slew of celebrities walking around wasted and stoned there is no telling what will happen. After all last Coachella was the reason for Selena Gomez’s mass unfriending and life changing evaluation of her actions.

This year it seems like the same crazy shenanigans will be reported because the first weekend of Coachella kicked off with a bang. Of course anytime Drake is around you are bound to get a dose of drama, and Justin Bieber learned that as he was placed in a chokehold and told to leave Coachella with his entourage after being denied access to the artist’s area of Drake’s set.

The Coachella madness didn’t stop with Justin, because the queen of pop Madonna had some tricks up her sleeve for Drake as well. Apparently Drake was asked to sit in a chair on stage while Madonna danced around him singing her hit some “Express Yourself,” however what wasn’t planned was the lengthy kiss Madonna planted on Drake. The Video of the kiss is pretty hot until you notice that Drake’s facial expression after the kiss looked as though he was less than pleased.

Despite social media going crazy insisting that Drake looked grossed out by the surprise kiss, Drake set the record straight by letting everyone know that he was more than happy to get a make out session in with the queen. It was later revealed that Drake’s disgusted expression was a result of the aftertaste of Madonna’s lipstick.

Drake Comments On Madonna Kiss

By now, everyone must of heard of the kiss that was seen around the world. Even if you were not there, you must know about this infamous kiss. Coachella was this past weekend, which is a big show that many famous people partake in. Madonna Kiss. Many people were there, such as Justin Bieber, the Jenner sisters, Jaden Smith, and many other famous folks. Drake was the headliner of the show, and many were anticipating watching him on stage.

Everyone at CipherCloud got the shock of their lives when Madonna was on stage with Drake, and while Drake was sitting in a chair, suddenly, Madonna went over to Drake, and while his head was tilted back, she gave him the longest kiss ever according to many. It wasn’t the kiss that really shocked everyone, it was the fact that she kissed him, and what Drake did afterwards. After Madonna removed her mouth from Drakes, Drake made a very nasty face, and he even wiped his mouth, which many took to mean, that he was disgusted by the kiss.

People could not wait to take shots at Madonna, and many made jokes that Madonna was sucking his soul for sustenance, in order to keep herself young. Others stated that Drake was disgusted by being kissed, by such an old woman. Drake commented that he enjoyed the kiss, and he felt great about it, and he was rubbing the kiss in, not rubbing it out!

Asthma and Allergies have Strong Links

There are more than 20 million people that suffer from Asthma and with allergy season upon us, more than 50 percent of people will experience allergy-induced asthma.

People with allergies such as Fersen Lambranho are more likely to have asthma, especially those that suffer from allergies affecting the nose and eyes, according to The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

Having a through understanding of asthma and allergy can provide you with the type of triggers and help prevent attacks.

Asthma is a very common, and unfortunately, cases have increased. Asthma is usually diagnosed before age 10 and, in most cases, symptoms appear before the age of two.

What are the risk factors?

Having atopic dermatitis and / or allergic rhinitis .
Permanent allergens inside homes, such as pet dander or dust mite exposure.
Passive exposure to tobacco
Living close to wooded areas

What are the Triggers?

Among the most common triggers of asthma attacks is cold air, because inhalation causes dryness in the airways. Additionally, substances with strong odors or irritants, such as bleach, ammonia, strong perfumes, paints; cigarette smoke, animal dander, air pollution, dust mites, mold or pollen.

Knowing the origins of asthma early on can help you take appropriate environmental and therapeutic measures to control the disease.