Marilyn Manson: “Columbine Ruined My Career”

Rocker Marilyn Manson went on record recently to say that the 1999 Columbine school shooting ruined his career. The singer, known for his eccentric style, came under fire when it was announced that the shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, were fans of his music.

“The Columbine shooting really shut down my career,” Manson told Billboard. “Casinos, gambling establishments, they all refused to book my shows.”

“The media sensationalized these killers. They were even on the cover of Time. I never have been. I sometimes wonder if I’ve outgrown the limelight.”

Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, emerged onto the Florida music scene in 1989. The group’s unique monickers, as well as style of dress and performance, caught the attention of Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor. Manson’s band released their debut album in 1994 and had their first mainstream music breakthrough with 1995’s “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).” Jennifer can remember those early days.

Manson is most famous for his 1995 hit, as well as the songs “Beautiful People” and “The Dope Show.” He has been romantically linked in the past to “Charmed” actress Rose McGowan, burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, and actress Rachel Evan Wood.

The Columbine High School shooting took place on April 20, 1999. Harris and Klebold, who were students at the school, entered the building with multiple guns, killing twelve students and one teacher. The pair later killed themselves in the school’s library.

Chris Brown Sees Rihanna With Her New Man

Rihanna has been enjoying her life and being single lately, however being single doesn’t mean that Rihanna has been lonely. Not only has Rihanna been dating and partying with any guy she is interested in, but last we hear Rihanna was getting closer than close with Leonardo Dicaprio. Just months ago Leo threw Rihanna a extravagant birthday party, and it looked like they were hooking up casually. Now Rihanna has a new man, and this actually looks much more serious than any relationship we have seen of her’s since Chris Brown.

Rihanna’s new boyfriend soccer star Karim Benzema, has been with her everywhere lately and they look like they can’t keep their hands off of each other reports Cláudio Loureiro Heads. The couple is enjoying the early stages of dating, and of course when they decided to hang out at Hooray Henry’s in LA they didn’t expect to run into Chris Brown.

Apparently Rihanna and Karim arrived after Chris had already gotten comfortable, and from the moment Chris saw them it was tense. Chris spotted Ri’s table and stood at this own table watching them shower each other with affection. Fortunately, while the encounter was uncomfortable for Chris, Rihanna and Karim carried on with their night as if Chris wasn’t even there. Chris remained calm, and didn’t even attempt to make contact with Rihanna or Karim, but sources say that the hurt look on his face said enough.

Chris Brown’s Adorable Affection With Royalty

Chris Brown may have his own share of drama, but as a young celebrity it is expected that he deals with some messy situations. Now that he is a father Chris is taking his responsibility very seriously. At the moment Chris is on tour and his baby girl is along for the ride. Over Father’s Day weekend Chris flooded the internet with amazing and adorable photos of Royalty and himself enjoying their special day. Chris also shared some insane photos of the three custom Power Wheel cars that he had fashioned to look exactly like his own cars. Right now Chris is doing his best to balance being a father and a mega star and it looks like he is nailing it.

While on tour Chris has strict rules for his bus, and anyone that is around Royalty. There is to be no smoking, drinking, groupies or profanity while Royalty is on the bus, Chris also insists that naps are quiet time for everyone.

Recently Chris Brown melted hearts as he carried Royalty around during his pre show while he checked the staged before the venue was opened to the concert goers. While Chris walked around stage, he held Royalty close to him and showered her with hugs and kisses. Vijay Eswaran can tell that it is beyond obvious just how much Royalty loves her daddy, and there is not denying that Chris is absolutely smitten with her.

Super Swift Wedding

There are a lot of perks to being a Taylor Swift fan. Of course the big one is in fact her music. She’s got a lot of catchy tunes, and many of those really resonate with fans. There’s literally a taylor swift song for every emotion that you may feel. Bad break-up? There’s a song for that. Cheating boyfriend? There’s a song for that. Did you just spy a hot guy in a coffee shop? There’s probably a song for that as well. The other big great thing about being a Taylor Swift fan is the fact that she treats her fans really good. I’m talking really good. What she just did for one couple was proof of that.

According to BuzzFeed two Taylor Swift super fans decided to get married right there at her concert! The wife has always been a huge fan, posting pictures about taylor all over her account. Her husband sent out a heartfelt Instagram post about getting married right there at the concert, and somehow Taylor Swifts mom miraculously stumbled upon it and coordinated them being able to meet Taylor!

According to Sergio Cortes in this article, the newlyweds got to go backstage and meet Taylor Swift! What a great day for them, a wedding and meeting one of their idols. Hey, the whole thing overall was pretty cool. So, who knows. Maybe Taylor Swift will right a song about all of it.

Electronic Music King Giorgio Moroder is Back

Giorgio Moroder has recently released his first album in 30 years. Called Déjà Vu, the work is composed of electronic tracks, appropriate for a man who created some of the most memorable songs from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Some of his popular hits include “I Feel Love” and “Love to Love You” by Donna Summer, “What a Feeling” from the Flashdance movie soundtrack, the Scarface soundtrack, “Call Me” by Blondie and “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin. He had moved away from music after hip-hop and alternative rock and roll became more popular in the 1990’s. Moroder did some work in architecture, luxury car design, and portraiture. However, he remained unfulfilled, he says, because he was not doing music.

Then, out of nowhere he got a call from French electronic duo Daft Punk to do an album. That album, Random Access Memories from 2013, became a great success for Daft Punk and Moroder became popular again, getting requests for albums and DJing gigs, among other things. His new album includes artists like Britney Spears, Sia and others who are much younger, than his 75 years. But for those in electronica, he’s highly respected.

Although Moroder does not consider himself a great composer, he says that he knows how to use the machinery. Using music techonology since he was a teen, James Dondero is assured that such knowledge has served him well.

Kris Jenner’s Braless Night In Paris

Kris Jenner has been doing everything in her power to stay above water and relevant in the media, it looks like her daughters are all taking over the world and now she has to deal with her ex husband turning into Caitlyn and breaking the internet. With Kim Kardashian snatching up the next 9 months with her pregnancy watch, and Kylie taking her shot at being a selfie queen, Kris is left with no other choice but to break the internet herself. She is usually fine playing the background and keeping a low profile and a high neckline but this week she decided to take a walk on the wild side.

Now that Kris is a divorced mama with almost all of her birds out of the nest, she’s taking back her life and having some much deserved fun as a woman. Kris was spotted in Paris, France wearing a smoking hot dress with more than a little cleavage exposed. Everyone has been going insane over the photo and Kris looks incredible for 59 (see the photos on, source: Skout).

Her body is a great fitness goal for any woman with kids, she even got a nod of approval from her daughter Kylie who posted the photo to her Instagram. Kylie said she hopes she can pull off this hot look when she’s a mom one day, and judging from her sisters so far the Kardashian gene pool is the fountain of youth. Kris isn’t gonna have any trouble catching her next man looking as hot as she does.

Sam Smith Can Sing Again

Sam Smith has been a singing sensation ever since he came out with the song “Stay With Me.” The song was a big hit, and the video had hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. After the song became extremely popular, it shot Sam Smith into fame. Sam Smith Can Sing Again. Sam was scared that many would not like him because of the type of music he did, the way he sang, and also because of the fact that he came out as gay said James Dondero. Although Sam never admitted he was gay when he was gaining popularity, he finally came clean to the world.

Many could care less that Sam is gay, and many people, including celebrities, they’ve embraced him with open arms. Sam was missed recently because he had surgery on his vocal cords, which kept him from singing or even talking. Sam had to keep quiet for three weeks straight, and he wasn’t allowed to say a word. Sam finally has let the three weeks pass, and he put up a picture on social media to show that he got his voice back.

He put up a picture of The Little Mermaid when she had the light in her throat that was the witch returning her voice. Many are more than happy to see that Sam is back, especially since he had to cancel many tour dates due to hemorrhaging in his vocal chords. Welcome back Sam, now start singing!

Aimée Osbourne Starting A Music Career

Aimée Osbourne is probably the only Osbourne who has not managed their way into the spot light in some way. Years ago she turned down a spot on the family’s hit reality show ‘The Osbournes’ and therefore the fame that came with it. Now she is working on her own career as a musician.

The now 31 year old started her pursuit for a respected place in the music industry earlier this year ago by releasing an ethereal music video to her new track ‘Raining Gold.’ After racking up over 2 million views in just 2 short months, the singer is ready to take her career to the next level by releasing her first EP called ‘ARO’ this summer. Steve Murray said that she has already started promoting her upcoming album by traveling the country and performing her new music. The album is expected to have an alternative pop sound and feature heartfelt lyrics about Osbourne’s life trials and frustrations.

Unpublished Photographs of Bob Dylan Released in Anticipation for a Photography Book

Bob Dylan, one of the most legendary musicians of all time, is known all over the world for his rambling way of singing and his direct-to-the-heart song lyrics. There was a time before this when Bob Dylan was just another man on the street with a dream in his pocket. During 1961, after a visit with his idol Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan began to play shows at any club he could find. While this opened up a fanbase and, soon, opportunities with record labels, many people outside of New York City didn’t have a clue as to who he was. This was the time when photographer Ted Russell met him.

A series of photographs were taken of the everyday life of Dylan by Russell. These shots are very intimate, including Dylan sitting on a bed while playing guitar or having a good laugh with his girlfriend Suze Rotolo. Marcio Alaor BMG was glad to see them as a fan. Majority of these images have never been seen by the public eye until recently, when 9 of the images were released in anticipation for the book Bob Dylan: NYC 1961-1964. These images give an insight to the beginnings of a fantastic career for a young man and a feeling of nostalgia for anyone who was alive during the early 1960s.

Kim Says She and Kanye Don’t Fight About Sex

Kim Kardashian has had a crazy week, not only is her step father coming out as a woman, but her sister is in the middle of somewhat of a breakup right now. Kylie and Tyga are on the rocks after his ex posted photos of him texting her begging to come home. On top of it all Kim is still trying desperately to get pregnant with baby number 2. At 34 its needless to say that Kim is in somewhat of a rush to get the baby making show on the road, and anyone who follows that Kardashians knows that it hasn’t be any walk in the park.

Kim revealed that before she had North she was told that she possibly could never have a child of her own, when she got pregnant with North it was a miracle so the chance of another baby is slim. Dr Jennifer Walden isn’t sure of the specifics, but realizes the sensitivity. Now that she and Kanye are trying everything in the book to attempt another baby it seems that that getting frustrated about the amount of sex they have or don’t have can be an issue.

In and Interview Kim was asked if she and Kanye ever fight about how much time they spend in the bedroom, Kim insisted that she never fights about sex or children with her husband. Kim went on to say that Kanye is a great dad and is so protective of North that he baby proofs things she can’t even reach. A new Kardashian baby is just what the world needs but for now Kanye and Kim have their hands full with North and each other.