I Joined Skout, And Now I Love It

I must be the last person on earth to join Skout, because over 100 million people are on Skout today. I only joined Skout on a dare, because my friend told me that I was so plain, and too reserved, and I would never join a social media network. I decided to take her bet, and I joined the website the same evening. I have a phone and a tablet, and I found out that Skout has an app available, so I downloaded the app on both my phone and tablet. I only meant to download the application, but never to really use it.

I made the mistake of enjoying Scout too much, because now I can’t stop using it. If I was at work, I was on Scout. If I’m at home, I’m on Scout. I even went out with friends the other day, and I was using Skout on my phone. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m obsessed with it, and my friends are telling me that I need to get away from my computer. Even if I go to the bathroom when I’m in a restaurant, I’ll jump on Skout and see who has written me, added me as a favorite, or if I’ve been given any greetings.

I absolutely love Skout, and I’ve even met a few people on the website. After getting to know a couple people, we decided to meet in person, and now I have two more friends than I did before. What I love about Skout is the “shake to chat” feature, which I use all the time on my phone. If I get bored with one person, I’ll shake my phone, and another person will show up out of nowhere. I’ve used the shakes chat feature for hours in one evening, and I fell asleep with the phone in my hand.

Not only is Skout good for those who want to look for friends, but it’s a great way to find romance as well. Although I’ve never looked for a partner on there, my best friend found her soon-to-be husband on Skout, so now I’m having thoughts of my own. Although I’m not necessarily looking for love at this time, it’s good to know that I have a place to go, in case I do want to find love. Skout has so many users, there is no reason why can’t find someone to love.

No Direction Comes Out And It’s Non Other Than One Direction

The U.K. charity organization event Red Nose Day is coming up, and as like last time One Direction will make a huge part of the program planned for the fundraiser. The group of 5 boys have been supporting this annual fundraiser for the past two years now and the upcoming show will have them in it just as we are now used to.

How the boys decided to present themselves however is a whole other issue. Gianfrancesco Genoso says that No Direction is the new name they decided to go with when booking the event of Red Nose Day. We don’t know why One Direction decided to announce themselves as No Direction but we’re sure that a perfectly good explanation will come out of this.

What One Direction did in the past is they recorded a musical cover of the song “One Way Or Another” by Blondie, and they donated all the profits that the song made to the Comic Relief, which is an organization that is heavily involved with tackling social injustice issues and poverty problems.

That is a great cause to be involved with, and what we have seen of the 5 boys since they were discovered is that no matter what stage they are in their career, they will always be a group of young philanthropic individuals who saw a chance to make a difference in the world with what they do, and took it.

Gigi Hadid Has Thoughts About The New Cody Simpson Song “New Problems”

It looks like Cody Simpson does not care what Gigi Hadid thinks of his latest song “New Problems”. The song was dropped on March 3rd along with a video that followed shortly, and both the video and the song are simply amazing.

Having an amazing song is definitely not a problem to have, Jason Halpern says that unless it was a song that is all about being over you and meeting new people and that’s why TheRealDeal‘s writers enjoyed it. Cody’s song implied that it is all about the out with the old and in with the new.

Gigi and Cody are still together and going strong, but they did break up this one time and I guess it wasn’t pretty. Cody write away sought the help of his own lyrics to help him get over the super model but it looks like the song was finished but the relationship wasn’t.

Acoording to Cody, Gigi heard the song and doesn’t mind it at all, but other sources are hinting that she did not accept the song that well and it was kind of a disrespect to her.

Remember Cody Simpson is only 18, and this is his first album as an 18 year old which makes it a very special one for him. As for Gigi, we think she likes him way too much to let something like a song he wrote about her get in the way of how good things are going now.

Jay Electronica Has Something New For His Fans


Here is someone that Susan McGalla hears nothing about for the longest time, and when he is back in the spotlight he always has something new. We can only hope every couple of months to hear some of the Jay Electronica music.

Suddenly on Friday March 6th without any prior notice, Jay dropped a new song name “Road To Perdition” which hit the net and got a great response from everyone that heard it.

We did hear a lot about Jay Z being a part of the album but unfortunately it isn’t any of his new stuff. The music he has in it is from Jay Z’s American Gangster album that came out in 2007.

All of Jay Electronica’s songs are very deep and have an emotional appeal to them. We have no idea how long has he been working on this song, but some people say that he worked on the track for over 5 years. That is the longest anyone has worked on one track!

It’s not that he doesn’t have music to release, it’s only that he wanted to only drop the best of the best. He had a lot of things on his mind that he wanted to share with his fans, and in the method he’s doing it, the message is being heard.

We just hope that we continue to hear new music from Jay Electronica, and maybe get to hear a new album.

Skrillex and Diplo Surprise Everyone With Brand New Bieber Track

Diplo and Skrillex sure know how to throw a party, and if you decide to let them DJ for 24 hours straight, believe it or not, the results are going to be more than amazing said AnastasiaDate.

After a 24 hour online session Diplo and Skrillex performed for live, the two dropped many of their new songs which are the product of their newest album Skrillex & Diplo Present Jack U, and on the album are some of the hottest musicians such as 2 Chainz, Missy Elliott, and Kiesza. The biggest surprise of them all was playing one of Justin Bieber’s new tracks before anybody else did.

If you’ve heard of Jack U lately and don’t know what the hype is all about then get ready for the ultimate surprise, it is Skrillex and Diplo combined into one album. The results are amazing so far.

Some of the new tracks include:

1. “Febreze” Featuring 2 Chainz

This track is designed to make anyone in any mood dance their butt’s off. It makes you move and there will be no helping it.

2. “Jungle Bae” Featuring Bunji Garlin

This is the perfect song to grab your babe and dance together. No questions needed to be asked, just grab her and handle.

3. “Take U There” featuring Kiesza- the Missy Elliot Remix

You can never go wrong with Missy Elliot. She can handle the super bowl and she can handle dropping the best dance music in the field.

The Antique Wine Company

For anyone who is looking for the very best kind of wine out there, there is no other company that can help like The Antique Wine Company. With The Antique Wine Company, it is possible to do just this. Now, the wine here is not any ordinary kind of wine. In fact, the wine is second to none and the hardest to find, most valuable kinds of wine in the world are going to be found at The Antique Wine Company. There is a reason the company has over 20,000 different clients found in 70 different countries around the world. These clients know the importance of quality wine and why it is necessary to track down the best kinds.

Now, The AWC maintains a cellar that has over 10,000 different bottles at all time. Even though the company sells bottles of wine every single day, the company is also bringing in new kinds of wine all the time. This makes it possible to always find a new selection of the best vintages out there on the market. Of course, there are also different ways to purchase this wine, which is why it is necessary to contact The Antique Wine Company for anyone who wants to obtain the best kind of wine possible.

There are a few different ways someone can purchase the best wine. They can buy it individually or they can buy it in a series. For individual purchases, someone is able to work with the company and have them point out the perfect wine for their selection. They can also purchase a bottle of wine that is going to be best for their needs and they can even go back in time and buy a bottle of wine from the year of their birth. This special birthday purchase also comes with an original copy of the London Times that was printed on the day of their birth. This makes for an especially helpful birthday present, although it really just depends on what someone might want and what sort of item a person is going for.

Now, beyond just the individual purchases, they are able to go about buying a series of bottles of wine. This series is desirable when someone wants an entire collection, which can contain a bottle from every single vintage date from a particular estate. No matter what someone is looking for, they can find it with The Antique Wine Company.

The Man Behind the Magic: John Textor

John Textor is a prominent media mogul who has accomplishments in digital media that span across the world abroad. Mr. Textor obtained his Bachelor of Arts in economics in 1987 at Wesleyan University, and within only ten years, he co-founded the private equity firm Wyndcrest Holdings whose focus is primarily for Internet, entertainment and telecommunications media.

The forward progress of John Textor’s career came through advancements made with Digital Domain Media Group where John is chairman and CEO. The media organization has a profound track record consisting of over 80 mainstream films.

The title of these works-of-art include Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End; Transformers, Tron, Real Steel and many more known features from the Hollywood industry. Textor also earned the prestigious Achievement in Visual Effects award for a digital actor in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

But the impressive accomplishments of John Textor does not end there. Many of us know him in an unusual way—as he was the man behind the magic of the computer-generated human likeness of Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur. Just beware of calling these conjured images holograms. According to CEO of digital effects Frank Patterson of Pulse Evolution, what we all saw as a resurrected Michael Jackson was an illusion.

To be specific, that illusion was the byproduct of an image projected on high clarity plastic and glass and is reflected by a 45 degree angle. The resulting effect with live dancers in front of the “illusion” and behind it stunned crowds across the world with a lifelike representation of the dead performer.

These innovations done by the work of John Textor has open doors of opportunity where the mogul himself has been approached for creating more resemblances of dead artists. These potential digital performances will likely include faces such as Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

Mr. John Textor has even been approached by a Republican Party member to create illusions of President Obama introducing Mitt Romney at a convention, but the idea has not been executed.

As for the continued work of John Textor, he currently works closely with board members of four organizations that span five different industries. He is Managing Principal of Wyndcrest Holdings LLC., Chairman at The Parent Company, a movie Producer and Executive Producer; has served as Chairman of BabyUniverse and holds many more strategic positions in the media world.

Today’s Fine Wine: Personal Service, Global Reach

For more than 25 years, the Antique Wine Company, and its CEO Stephen Williams have specialized in supplying fine wine throughout the world to collectors, hotels, and restaurants. In addition, the Antique Wine Company has done its part to educate the public throughout the world on the finer qualities of wine.
Although the name “Antique Wine Company,” may conjure up images of dusty bottles of wine from the 19th century, they offer wines as recent as a 2013 vintage. The purpose behind the Antique Wine Company is to provide the finest wines, regardless of vintage.
Currently headquartered in London, the Antique Wine Company has clients in over 70 countries. Through their dedicated wine experts, the Antique Wine Company has been trusted with such trades as supplying wine for the 70th birthday of former U.S. President George H. W. Bush, and setting the Guinness World Record for most expensive bottle of wine sold. Ultimately, CEO Stephen Williams is dedicated to an expanded client base, growing the global market of fine wines, and providing an increasingly better quality service to the fine wine community.
The Antique Wine Company provides additional services to its clientele, such as helping collectors to sell their bottles of wine, and providing storage services. However, probably the most important service is that of educating the public on the qualities of fine wine. The Antique Wine Company provides a regular podcast and blog, which can be found on their website, or iTunes. Additionally, through the AWC Wine Academy, they provide classes, and events to connect Masters of Wine, with a public interested in learning more about fine wines.
While there may be many places where a person may go to purchase wine, the Antique Wine Company stands tall, with its global reach, extensive collection, wide base of customers, and dedication to wine education. Even 25 years later, CEO Stephen William’s vision of providing fine vintages to collectors, restaurants, and hotels, continues.

Frank Ocean Covers Aaliyah’s Song

Aaliyah was an amazing artist, and she has been deceased since the year 2001. Her birthday was on January 16, 2015, and she will always be fondly remembered, as the sweet voice that passed too soon. Frank Ocean. Just last year, a movie was made on the Lifetime Network about Aaliyah, which gained many criticisms, especially from the family and friends of the singer. Many of the artists who were covered in the movie, looked nothing like their real-life characters. The family has even threatened to sue the makers of the movie, stating that they gave no permission to make such a movie about Aaliyah.

One of the biggest critics of the movie is Timbaland, who made Aaliyah famous, and worked very closely with her, up until her untimely death. Many fans who watched the movie, only tuned out of respect for the late singer, but many were truly disappointed. Since yesterday was Aaliyah’s birthday, Frank Ocean decided to cover a song that the late singer was famous for. The song entitled “At Your Best (You Are Love),” was an old Isley Brothers song, and it was also mentioned in Aaliyah’s recent movie. Aaliyah fan Fersen Lambranho believes Frank Ocean, who is an amazing singer, did the song justice.

Since many are sensitive about any songs that have to do with Aaliyah, Frank had to bring it when it came to the vocals on the song. Needless to say, Frank did amazing.